HALF Shell from Dope Turtle holds 1/2 oz of your favorite herbs!
What's a HALF Shell? A smell proof, premium, jar with 100% visible UV protection made out of imported Dutch glass.
Simple. Subtle. Sleek. Dope Turtle products are for the modern herbal enthusiast.
HALF Shell: Premium Jar (250ml)

HALF Shell: Premium Jar (250ml)

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  • HOLD HALF AN OUNCE: These jars hold (conservatively and depending on density) half an ounce of your favorite legal herbs and tobaccos. 
  • BPA FREE LID: All Dope Turtle lids are BPA Free and made to the highest standards of safety.
  • SMELL PROOF + LIGHT PROTECTION: With it's violet sealing element under the lid, the HALF SHELL allows you to store a 1/4 ounce of the most pungent flavored tobaccos without concern. Have a particularly stinky flavored tobacco? Have no fear, Dope Turtle's jars are here and will keep that smell contained and your herb fresh as the day you bought it. Light can be destructive: the HALF SHELL comes with full protection from damaging visible light.
  • STYLE AND SUBTLETY: Are you tired of having Grateful Dead bears and rastafarian colors ALL over your accessories? So are we. That's why we designed Dope Turtle with the you in mind. Your business is just that, so be confident with jars styled in a sleek, subtle, unassuming way.
  • 100% PLATINUM GUARANTEE: We get it. You're shopping online, we've never met and you're probably thinking, "This jar is so sweet, but what if I don't like it?" No problem!! We honor returns 100% of the time, and stand behind our products forever. Send it back, and get your money. No questions asked.