Dope Turtle creates high quality, subtle accessories for storage. From jars to grinders to apparel, we strive to offer premium products that make our customers happy.

Our products are designed for those that have outgrown traditional industry styles. We understand that you may not always want to fully display your preferences with flashing neon lights and billboards. Instead of loud colors, peace signs and tye-dye, our products are designed with subtlety in mind. This means that no matter what your personal preferences, you can keep your business your business.


Based in Denver, our jars have been sold from coast to coast. We use premium, imported Dutch glass to provide you with the highest quality jars on the market today. We decided to start Dope Turtle so that we could build a brand around subtlety, style and sophistication.

We try to apply a laid back, mountain style approach to our customer service and truly want to ensure our customers are happy forever. We'd love to hear what you think of Dope Turtle, so feel free to reach out and we'd love to chat.